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1st April 2006

9:24pm: So....
Arguments with Chris appear to result in me getting to call him by the pet name he hates (I may only get to say it once, so I'm saving it for a special occasion), and shiny new icons! Unfortunately I'm still landed paying for drinks at t'pub...

Ah well, you win some you lose some, looks like this round's on me then...

Edit: Right, I'm payin my tab and turnin' in. Crime never sleeps but I have to at some point...
Current Mood: chipper
12:26am: You know what?
I refuse to feel guilty for telling Chris to piss off. Yes, that's right, I am one totally non guilty, non jealous, cool, collected heterosexual male.

Not upset in the slightest...

31st March 2006

9:31pm: Sam "gayboy science" Tyler
Right, in my opinion, as a man of great experience within the force and the community, Having Tyler as DI is not only bloody unfair (there were other people in line for that job who deserved it a LOT more), but also bloody dangerous. The man's a loose cannon in't he? I mean, wanderin' in on his first day talkin' some rubbish about finger printin' bodies and HIS office. I mean, to me, the first day made it obvious that he was a complete nutter and totally wrong for the job, but then, certain people didn't seem to think so, so they kept 'im on and what's he been up to since? Bloody mental breakdowns in the toilets, talkin' to 'imself, cocking up investigations, getting birds killed, nearly gettin' the Guv killed an' all.

And on top of all that, he's so bleedin smug! I mean, it's not got a huge effect on his policing skills i'll give you that, but policin's all about bein' a team player, especially in this city, and maybe it's just me, but it seems sometimes like he's actually trying to screw us all up, ruin everythin' we've put into this place an' send this city back to the shithole it used to be, it's men like me an' the Guv (and maybe Chris, if he gets back on the right track) who're makin' this city a better place. Havin' to clean up all the garbage that men like Tyler just let walk.

Chris of course blissfully ignores all of this and is more than happy to keep right on worshippin' his new idol. I sort of feel sorry for 'im, never easy to see the truth about somone you like...
Current Mood: annoyed
7:56pm: Journal appearence.
I registered this journal today, skimmed through most've the signing up process cause it was borin', and ended up with it lookin' like one of Chris's ties. Well how was I supposed to know supernova'd be this ugly? Sounded dynamic, just up my street.

Anyway, it's done now and I don't intent to change it, so if it burns your eyes off then that's your problem isn't it?
Current Mood: aggravated
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