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ds_raycarling's Journal

15 August
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Well I'm a police officer working in manchester at the moment, got a few birds on the go and a moustache that comes in pretty handy in certain situations, if you know what I mean.

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I don't care if you freind me or not, s'long as you're not a fat bird a queer.

Disclaimer: Not owned by anyone, specially not the bbc or kudos...

Warning: Some conversations may not be worksafe. or appropriate for small children or animals, or the easily disgusted.
beating up sam tyler, beer, being heterosexual, catching villains, chris skelton, facial hair in general, getting a result, going to the match, having a pint, kicking sam tylers arse, mocking sam tyler, moustache grooming, moustache upkeep, not getting demoted, pub, smirking, the guv, trudy, trudy's knickers, women